Damien began dancing Flamenco at the tender age of 7 inspired by Carlos Saura’s film, “Carmen”. Damien started his training with La Monica at the Mission Cultural Center. Afterwards he moved on to study with San Francisco Flamenco legend Rosa Montoya under whose tutelage he stayed for many years. He performed in Montoya’s annual student productions from 1992 through her final show in 2003. In the spring semester of the same year he taught as her flamenco  assistant at San Francisco State University.

In 2009  Damien performed with Caminos Flamencos in their end of season show. This began a 3 year under study with Emmy award winning  choreographer and dancer, Yaelisa. Under her tutelage he honed his skill in understanding cante and dancing Bulerias por fiesta (free style). In 201o Damien also began studying with flamenco dancer Fanny Ara with whom he continues to study with. With Fanny’s support he began to find and develop his own unique style of flamenco dancing. Power and precision mixed with a little home grown attitude has given rise to a different, fresh, and funky style which is still muy flamenco. In 2014 he resumed Melissa Cruz’s advanced repertoire class as well.

Currently, Damien performs in and around the greater Bay Area. He currently teaches Saturday mornings from 9 AM – 12 PM at DSG studios located at 564 Monterey Boulevard in San Francisco, CA 94127. Please contact Damien for more information or booking inquiries.